Department of Composite Materials


"Article Award", 2nd Prize
for article Polysaccharides Coatings on Medical-Grade PVC: A Probe into Surface Characteristics and the Extent of Bacterial Adhesion in Molecules 2010, 15(2), 1007–1027; doi:10.3390/molecules15021007
(Ahmad Asadinezhad, Igor Novák, Marián Lehocký, František Bílek, Alenka Vesel, Ita Junkar, Petr Sáha and Anton Popelka)
Available online:

"Poster Award", 2nd place, at the EUROFILLERS 2014 conference, August 25-29, 2013 in Bratislava for poster PHOTO-ACTUATION STUDY OF ETHYLENE VINYL ACETATE COPOLYMER FILLED WITH MODIFIED CARBON NANOTUBES (authors: K. Czaniková, I. Krupa, P. Kasák, M. Ilčíková, J. Mosnáček, M. Mičušík, N. Torras, J. Esteve, D. Chorvát, Jr., D. Račko, E. Pavlová, M. Omastová)

"Best poster award", at the International Conference on Pure and Applied Chemistry, ICPAC 2012, K. Czanikova for poster Photo-actuation properties in composites containing multiwalled carbon nanotubes and elastomers (authors: K. Czaniková, I. Krupa, P. Kasák, M. Omastová, V. Šmatko)

"The award of the Slovak Academy of Sciences 2012" for collection of scientific publications and work in the interdisciplinary research of electrically conductive polymers, composites, and nanocomposites for the team from Polymer Institute. Team members are: Ing. M. Omastová, DrSc., Ing. M. Mičušík, PhD., Mgr. S. Podhradská, PhD., Mgr. K. Mosnáčková, and Ing. K. Czaniková.

M. Omastova team was ranked in the category TOP by Academic Ranking and Rating Agency (ARRA, Slovakia) "Identification of high scientific teams and their members in Slovak Academy of Sciences"

"Golden Incheba" for antibacterial polymeric foil, Slovmedica 2013, Incheba Expo, Slovakia (I. Novák, A. Popelka)

"Golden Incheba" for ecological adhesive Celupol P, Slovmedica 2010, Incheba Expo, Slovakia (I. Novák, V. Pollák, O. Žigo)

"Golden Incheba" for one-component electrically conductive adhesive Electropol, Slovmedica 2009, Incheba Expo, Slovakia (I. Novák, V. Pollák)

"Grand Prix" for a set of special adhesives, Industry Expo 2008, Incheba Expo, Slovakia (I. Novák, V. Pollák)

"Price of Honor 2007" for research and development of special adhesives by Journalist Studio, Slovakia (I. Novák, V. Pollák)

"Academy of Education Award 2003" for popularization of scientific knowledges, Slovakia (I. Novák, V. Pollák)