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Stefan Chmela
Štefan Chmela
Head of Department of Synthesis and Characterization of Polymers

phone number: +421 2 3229 4343


Current research interests:

Synthesis, photochemical and spectral investigation of bifunctional fluorescence probes based on different chromophore (pyrene, naphthalene, anthracene, benzothioxanthone) and sterically hindered amine and their use in living radical polymerization. Another subjects of interest are grafting and crosslinking of polyolefines using diketones and photo and thermo-degradation and stabilization of polyolefines nanocomposites.


1976 - graduated from the Faculty of Natural Sciences (Organic Chemistry) Comenius University in Bratislava

1982 - deffended thesis and took degree of Cand. Sci. (corresponding to Ph.D.)

2012 - deffended thesis and took degree of DrSc.

Profesional experiences:

Since 1976 working at the Polymer Institute first as a graduate student after than as a research fellow and now as a head of Department of synthesis and characterization of polymers. At the beginning of my research activity I was interested in the synthesis and study of photochemical properties of polyketones. My research interest during my graduate studies (under supervision of Prof. P. Hrdlovic) and after than included the photo-degradation and photo-stabilization of polyolefins. This work was particularly concerned with the synthesis and photochemical studies of sterically hindered amine light stabilizers with inccreased molecular mass.

September 1986 - June 1988: research associate at National Research Council Canada (Ottawa) in Division of Chemistry under supervision of Dr. D.J. Carlsson. During this stay I studied mainly the problems of degradation and stabilization of polyolefins and substituted polyolefins initiated mainly by -irradiation.

Since 1993: several six months stays as an invited professor at School of Chemistry and Laboratory of Photochemistry of B. Pascal University in Clermont-Ferrand in close cooperation with Prof. J. Lacoste, Prof. M. Sarakha and recently with Prof. S. Commereuc. I studied the problems of synthesis and characterization of the polymeric hydroperoxides and subsequent grafting of different monomers using hydroperoxide group as the initiator of grafting and photochemistry od di-ketones.

In the frame of bilateral projects (BMBF) with doc. W. D. Habicher from TU Dresden: several stays devoted to synthesis and application of combined light and heat stabilizers on the base of combination of HAS (Hindered Amine Stabilizers), phenol and phosphites.

Since 1990 - member of Scientific commitee of Polymer Institute, at the period 2002-2010 as chairman and at the same period as the scientific secretary of Polymer institute.

List of papers and books


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