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Jozef Kollar
Mgr. Jozef Kollár, PhD.
Senior Research Scientist

phone number: +421 2 3229 4366, +421 908 859485

Research Interests:

  • Organic synthesis of fluorescent probes for polymer chemistry
  • Controlled free-radical polymerization mediated by nitroxides
  • Photochemistry
  • Preparation and stabilization of polymers
  • Spectral characterization of monomers and polymers
  • Suspension polymerization of carbohydrate based monomers
  • Low temperature methanol fuel cells



  • PhD., Macromolecular chemistry (2000-2004), Slovak Academy of Sciences, Polymer Institute, Bratislava, Slovak Republic
    Title: “Spectral characteristics and photochemical stability of fluorescent probes in solution and in polymer matrix”
    (supervisor Dr. Štefan Chmela)
  • MSc. (Slovak equivalent, Mgr.), Organic chemistry (1995-2000) Comenius University, Faculty of Natural Sciences, Bratislava, Slovak Republic
    Title: “Synthesis of 1-phenylmethyl-4-[bis(4-R-substituted-phenyl)methyl]piperidines from alcohols using a system TES-CF3COOH”
    (supervisor Dr. Tibor Gögh)


Professional Experiences:

  • Institute of Applied Synthetic Chemistry, Division Macromolecular Chemistry, Vienna University of Technology, 1060 Vienna, Austria, postdoctoral study (06/2007-05/2008)
    Subject of the study: Carbohydrate-Based Polymer Supports for Solid Phase Synthesis and Biomedical Application.
  • Center for Education and Research on Macromolecules (CERM), University of Liège, Sart-Tilman B6, B-4000 Liège, Belgium, postdoctoral study (04/2005-03/2006)
    Subject of the study: Preparation of perfluorinated polymer electrolytes for direct methanol fuel cell applications.
  • Technical University, Institute of Organic Chemistry, Dresden, Germany, assistantship with Doz. Dr. Wolf D. Habicher (11/2001-12/2001 and 11/2002-12/2002)
  • Slovak Academy of Sciences, Department of Polymer reactions, Polymer Institute, Bratislava, Slovak Republic, research scientist (9/2003-present).
  • Slovak Academy of Sciences, Polymer Institute, Bratislava, Slovak Republic, doctoral study (9/2000 – 8/2003).


Grants, Memberships and Awards:

  • Grant Agency for Support of Science and Technology of Slovak Republic APVV: “Living/controlled polymerizations: optimization of polymerization process toward well defined polymers with targeted architectures and properties”.
  • Member of the Slovak Chemical Society
  • The award honorable mention in “Scientist of the Slovak Republic of the year 2005” granted by the Union of Slovak Societies for Science and Technology
  • Team member of Department of Special Polymers and Biopolymers awarded as “Scientific and technological team of the year 2010”


Scientific techniques and skills:

  • Organic synthesis
  • Spectroscopic methods: NMR, UV-VIS, FT-IR, MS, TEM, steady-state fluorescence, EPR
  • Chromatographic techniques: HPLC, GPC, TLC
  • Thermal methods: TGA, DSC
  • Photochemical processes
  • Polymerization methods: block and solution polymerization, controlled free-radical polymerization, suspension polymerization, ATRP
  • Stabilization of polymer


Additional skills:

  • Languages: english, german (limited), russian (limited), czech
  • Driving licence
  • Good PC skills (Ms Office, Origin, ACD labs, Isis Draw, Chem Draw, Beilstein Commander, Sciencefinder, etc.)
  • Sport (football, running, tennis, basketball, skiing)
  • Music (piano playing)


List of publications




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