8th Bratislava Young Polymer Scientists conference

... follow the tradition of regular meetings of young scientists which we started in last few years. BYPoS conference is oriented on all fields of macromolecular chemistry and provides the ideal possibility for young polymer scientists (Bc./MSc./PhD. students or young researchers up to 40 years) to present and discuss their results and knowledge in the field of polymer chemistry and incorporate to the group of young motivated people.


  • Synthesis, modification and characterization of polymers
  • Polymer blends, composites and processing of polymers
  • Smart polymers and biopolymers
  • Bio-related applications of polymers
  • Polymer stability and degradation
  • Physics of polymers (theory, modelling and simulation)

all these themes will be under the motto: "game with molecules"

Invited speakers:

  • Assoc. Prof. Darinka Christova, Institute of Polymers, Bulgarian Academy of Sciences, Sofia, Bulgaria
    title: Amphiphilic copolymers with complex macromolecular architecture – from synthesis to biomedical and optical sensing applications

  • Dr. Piotr Rychter, Faculty of Mathematics and Natural Science,Jan Długosz University in Częstochowa, Poland
    title: Usefulness of selected polymers for agrochemical purposes

  • Dr. Martin Danko, Polymer Institute of Slovak Academy of Sciences, Slovakia
    title: Ring-opening polymerization towards functional polyesters (Polymers and Fluorescence)

BYPoS will contain introductory lectures for each section.
All participants are called to have lectures.

Main lecture (invited speakers): 40 min. + 5 min. for discussion
Contributed lecture (all participants): 15 min. + 5 min. for discussion