PMA & SRC 2023 conference

n 2005 the first International Conference on Polymeric Materials in Automotive was organized in Bratislava starting new tradition of events reflected steeply rising importance of automotive industry in Slovakia. That is related to the presence of dominant investors in Slovakia, namely Volkswagen, PSA and Kia and including a number of other companies – suppliers of plastics and rubber parts being a significant part of them – building up new facilities in the country.

The important role of automotive industry for Slovakia increases by coming of new automotive company Jaguar Land Rover which will start production in Nitra in the end of year 2018. The appreciated feature of the PMA serie consists in a fact that, although targeted to polymeric materials used in automotive industry, the scope of the conference is kept highly scientific.

Thus, new ideas have been presented, many of these being far away from industrial application, still contributing significantly to a progress in the

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