The Board of External Communication of the Polymer Institute of the Slovak Academy of Sciences

Founded in 2020 as an advisory body to the management of the institute. Its tasks are:

1. Prepares the strategy of media and communication policy of the institute, the concept of the corporate identity of the institute and defines the conditions for its specific implementation.

 2. Takes the initiative on the conceptual issues of the development of the institute’s relations with the public, especially on the promotion of scientific research activities and on the media support of the current events of the institute.

3. Co-operates with individual departments of the institute in the media coverage of significant results of scientific research projects and tasks solved at the institute and proactively submits suggestions and suggestions to the management of the institute for their communication to the public.

It meets several times a year and its current composition is as follows:

Chairman of the Board:Mgr. Z. Špitalský, PhD.
Internal members:RNDr. D. Bondarev, PhD.
Mgr. J. Kolár, PhD.
Ing. D. Račko, PhD.
Ing. I. Lacík, DrSc.
Ing. M. Mičušík, PhD.
Mgr. J. Kronek, PhD.
Mgr. Z. Benková, PhD.
Mgr. M. Kováčová, PhD.
External member:PhDr. Katarína Ikrényiová (Slovak Plastic Cluster)