Sports training on Polymer Institute

The sports training, which started in early February, ended last week.

The exercises were done individually and the aim was to investigate the acute effect of different recovery modalities on the symptoms of fatigue caused by prolonged sitting at the workplace. In these sessions, the balance, core stability, strength, the activity of trunk and hamstring muscles, flexibility, and spine mobility of the participants were assessed. It is worth mentioning that the active participation of our colleagues in these exercises which were one part of the doctoral studies of Banafsheh Amiri, a Ph.D. student of the Faculty of Physical Education and Sport, played a significant role in the progress of her project.

Overall, this study sheds light on the importance of incorporating sports exercises into the daily routine to combat the symptoms of fatigue caused by prolonged sitting.

The results of the study could potentially contribute to the development of more effective solutions for individuals who experience such symptoms.

Banafsheh Amiri