Equipment DSCHP

Shimadzu UV-16 50PC UV-VIS spectrophotometer

Measurements ofUV-Vis absorption spectra of transparent and semitransparent solutions and solid samples (films).

Shimadzu RF-5301PC Fluorescence spectrofluorophotometer

Static measurements of excitation and emission fluorescence spectra of compounds in liquid solvents or in solid samples (films)in range of excitation and emission 250 – 900 nm. Instruments is equipped with solid sample holder with front face arrangement (possibility of measurements of non-transparent films), holder for horizontal arrangement (detection to external detector) and thermostated sample holder for 1×1 cm cuvette.

Variable fluorescence spectrometer: Ocean Optics QE 65000 fluorescence detector; source of excitation laser diode 405 nm

Detector of light in range 200 – 1100 nm with optical fibre input, long-pass filter. Laser diode excitation source 405 nm equipped by optical fibre output, sample holder for 1×1 cm cuvette.

Time Correlated Single Photon Counting spectrofluorometer Becker&Hickl

Modular system for time-resolved fluorescence measurements of fluorescent molecules, characterization of different environments, investigation of different processes using fluorescent probes and labels.

Instrument consist of Ultra-fast TCSPC module with multi-wavelength detection – 16 simultaneously recording wavelength channels for spectral resolution, Spectral range 300-850 nm (PML detector), resolution 180 ps; Pulsed diode laser – wavelength 375 nm, Pulse width down to 60 ps, repetition rate 20-50-80 MHz; Different type of samples – liquid, transparent, non-transparent films (excitation angle 25-90°).


Shimadzu – Liquid chromatography worked in GPC mode for molecular characteristics of polymers. Instrument consists of isocratic pump, degasser and RI detector. Variable mobile phase and column equipment depend on request. Setup is extended with Shimadzu RF-10A XL fluorescence detector.

Agilent – Liquid chromatography worked in GPC mode for molecular characteristics of polymers. Instrument consists of quaternary isocratic pump, degasser, auto sampler and RI detector. Mobile phase is tetrahydrofuran run in 3 SDV PSS columns.

HPLC ispcratic pumps and detectors

• Evaporative light scattering detector from Polymer Laboratories, PL-ELS 1000, from ambient to high temperature; Light Source¬: Halogen lamp; Detector: Photodiode; Evaporator temperature: 30-300oC; Nebulizer temperature: 30-220 oC; Eluent flow rate: 0 – 1 mL.min-1; Maximum gas pressure: 150 psi.
• Evaporative light scattering detector from Varian, 380-LC is ideal for the detection of
non-volatile compounds, where temperatures of 100oC or above are required. Light Source: LED 480 nm; Detector: Photodiode; Evaporator temperature: 30-120oC; Nebulizer temperature: 30-90 oC; Eluent flow rate: 0,2 – 5 mL.min-1; Maximum gas pressure: 100 psi.
• DeltaChrom™ P102 isocratic pump from Watrex Praha, Maximum pressure: 0-6000 psi; Flow range: 0.01 – 9.99 mL.min-1

Expertise: Molecular characterization of block copolymers or mixtures of polystyrene and poly(meth)acrylates and polyesters by menas of liquid chromatography under limiting conditions of enthalpic interactions with stationary phases (adsorption or desorption retention mechanism) in various eluents. After separation of macromolecules according to different interactions, GPC mode as second dimension could be applied.

Raman and NIR spectrometer

Raman portable spectrometer in range 70 – 3250 cm-1 with resolution 3.5 cm-1 equiped with excitation laser at 532 nm with variable intensity and small microscope (objective 20x) and CCD camera. NIR module works in range 1100 – 2200 nm with resolution 6 nm. NIR module is equipped with InGaAs detector and 20W Halogen-Wolfram irradiation lamp. Modular spectrometer is additionally equipped with integrating sphere (250-2500 nm >97%), reflection probe (200 micrometer) and immersion probe (400 micrometer).

High Voltage Power Supplier, Spellman SL150W

Specification: Preparation of fiber materials in electric field (Electrospinning). Fibers with diameters ranging from micro- to nano-sizes, voltage up to 70kV, with positive and negative polarity.
Typical Applications: Analytical X-ray, Capacitor Charging, CPT/CRT Testing, Hipot Testing, Electrostatics, General Laboratory, E-Beam Systems, CW Lasers.


FOCUS gas chromatograph

Analysis of organic compounds equipped with FID detector for temperatures up to 350 °C.

Chemiluminometer LUMIPOL 4


Lumipol 3 is an extremely sensitive photon counting instrument for measuring chemiluminescence with almost zero background signal. The instrument measures ultra weak light emissions accompanying reactions of various substrates usually of oxidation character.


DSC Mettler-Toledo 821e and TGA Mettler-Toledo 851e are used at the study of thermal behavior of polymer materials. The changes of thermal properties (DSC) and mass (TGA) in polymers at the dynamic or isothermal modes are investigated. DSC method is widely used at characterization of polymers such as the determination of enthalpies and temperatures of melting, crystallization, evaporation, degradation, decomposition and glass transition. TGA measurements give information about weight changes during the degradation and amount of mass residuum after decomposition of studied materials.

Cone calorimeter

Modern device used to study the fire behavior of small samples of various materials in condensed phase. Heat release is the key measurement required to assess the fire development of materials and products.

Parameters obtained from CC:

ignition time (s), mass lost (g)
EHC effective heat of combustion (MJ/kg)
heat release rate HRR (kW/m2)
MLR mass loss rate (g/s)
SEA specific extinction area (m2/kg)
COY CO yield (kg/kg)
CO2Y (kg/kg)
HRR heat rate release (s)
THR total heat release (MJ/m2)
TOC Total oxygen consumed (g)
TSR Total smoke release (m2/ m2)
TSP Total smoke production (m2)
MARHE maximum rate of heat emission (kW/m2)

The FTT Cone Calorimeter measurements meet all existing Standards (including ISO 5660, ASTM E1354, ASTM E1474, ASTM E1740, ASTM F1550, ASTM D6113, CAN ULC 135 and BS 476 Part 15)

Conical Heater is wound in the form of a truncated cone, rated 5000 W at 230 V with a heat output of 100 kW/m2. Temperature is controlled by the use of a 3 type K thermocouples and a 3-term (PID) temperature controller. Specimen Holders – for specimens 100mm x 100mm up to 50mm thick can be used in the horizontal and vertical orientation. Load Cell – mass measurements are conducted via a strain gauge load cell with an accuracy of 0.01g. Spark Ignition – by 10 kV spark generator fitted with a safety cut-out device.

Exhaust System is manufactured from stainless steel for long life. This comprises, hood, gas sampling ring probe, exhaust fan (with adjustable flow controls from 0-50g/s, at a resolution of at least 0.1g/s) and an orifice plate flow measurement (thermocouple and differential pressure transducer). Normal operation is at a nominal 24 l/s. For Oxygen Analysis – paramagnetic oxygen analyzer is used, which has a range of 0-25% and a performance compliant with the standards. Smoke Obscuration – is measured with a laser system, using photodiodes, and a 0.5 mW. The rate of heat release is calibrated by the apparatus using methane of 99.5% purity.

Glove – box JACOMEX

The Glove box Jacomex GP -handling of products which are sensitive to atmospheric components (O2, H2O) in an environment under neutral gas.
The glove box operates both in overpressure and in partial vacuum: for example, from 10 to 30 mm H2O (100 to 300 Pa) or from -10 to -30 mm H2O (-100 to -300 Pa) depending on the desired utilization.

Light scattering system

Malvern Zetasizer Nano ZS two angle particle and molecular size analyzer for the enhanced detection of aggregates and measurement of small or dilute samples, and samples at very low or high concentration using dynamic light scattering with ‘NIBS’ optics.

Specification: Light source-633 nm He-Ne laser; measurement range 0.3nm-10microns; sample volume >12µL; temperature 0-90°C; Molecular weight 980Da-20MDa
 Molecular size, Molecular weight, Particle size, Zeta potential

Ultra centrifuge

The Sigma 3-30KS super-speed refrigerated centrifuge benefits from a wide range of rotors for all common tubes.
Specification: High speed refrigerated centrifuge for maximum speed 30000 rpm, gravitational fields up to more than 65000 × g.