The Polymer laboratory established by Dr. Milan Lazar at the end of 1962 created the conditions for founding the Polymer Institute in 1967.
The Institute initiated the focused research in polymer chemistry as a part of the chemical research at the Slovak Academy of Sciences. Currently Polymer Institute SAS represents an important research and training center for basic and applied research in the contemporary topics of polymer chemistry. The Institute activities cover four areas: synthesis and characterization, composite polymeric materials, polymeric biomaterials and molecular simulation of polymers.

As a result of the PISAS accreditation for years 2012 – 2015, the international accreditation panel of experts evaluated institute with the highest rating A characterized as “The research is internationally leading within the European context. The institute has demonstrated important contributions to the field and is considered an international player in Europe. “.

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As was the tradition in the days before the pandemic, during the Week of Science and Technology in Slovakia, our institute is again organizing an Open Day, which will be…

2. November 2022

Announcement about the election of members of the Scientific Board of the Polymer Institute of the Slovak Academy of Sciences (PI SAS)

The Management Board of the PI SAS announces the election of five members of the Scientific Board and three external members of the Scientific Board of the PI SAS, and…

2. November 2022

Election of director of the Polymer Institute SAS

Election of the director of the Polymer Institute SAS will be on October 20 2022 at 9 a.m. in the Lecture Hall of the Polymer Institute SAS. There is one candidate, the…

14. October 2022

Volejbalový turnaj oddelení

Počas najhorúcejšieho letného dňa, 18.08. 2022 o 15:00 sa odohral na vonkajšom volejbalovom ihrisku v areáli SAV turnaj oddelení Ústavu polymérov SAV, v. v. i. O volejbalovú trofej sa uchádzali štyri tímy: The…

12. September 2022

Opustil nás doc. Ing. Dušan Berek, DrSc.

Dňa 28. júna 2022, nás vo veku nedožitých 84 rokov, nečakane a bez rozlúčky, navždy opustil náš dlhoročný kolega a priateľ doc. Ing. Dušan Berek, DrSc. Posledná rozlúčka so zosnulým…

22. August 2022

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