Department of Composite Materials

Department principal scientific direction is materials research focused on multiphase systems with polymeric matrices, i.e., polymer blends and composites including nanocomposites. Modification of known and development of new types of materials in order to obtain new utility properties is based in particular on the detailed knowledge of interactions at the interface and the possibility of influencing these interactions by physical and chemical processes. In the field of polymeric composites, carbon-based electrically conductive materials are studied, focused especially on materials for advanced applications such as sensors and actuators. Rather extensive part of research is aimed on the preparation of polymeric nanocomposites containing 2D type fillers such as graphene, layered silicates and new type of materials, MXenes. Nanocomposites with an elastomeric matrix are also intensively studied. The study of biodegradable plastics is focused on blends in order to obtain fully biodegradable plastic materials from renewable resources capable of replacing commodity plastics. The study of multiphase systems is closely related to the modification of the surfaces of both the polymer and the solid particles or fibers and their characterization. DCM activities include contract research and relatively frequent consultancy for some larger companies in Slovakia and in Europe and for many small, especially domestic firms. These activities are an incentive for a number of smaller application projects, e.g. antibacterial coatings of polymeric surfaces, 3D printing, and few others can be named as successful examples. The department has developed several types of special adhesives (trademark Gravipol) , which are currently available in small volumes also on local market.